Reading Aloud 1

I think Hong Kong is great for someone who loves shopping, like me. There are shopping centres everywhere!

Online shopping is convenient, but it’s different from shopping in shops. I prefer trying on clothes to reading descriptions about them on a website!

My cousin took me to a popular shopping centre. I bought a pair of trainers and two T-shirts at a big department store. Then we went to a food court for lunch. We shared a table with two girls. They finished their noodles and left first with their shopping bags.

When I got back to my hotel room, I opened my shopping bag and found a pink dress inside!



1. shopping centres 商場
2. online shopping 網上購物

3. a pair of trainers 一雙波鞋

4. two T-shirts 兩件恤衫

5. food court 美食廣場