Reading Aloud 10

Staying Cool

A desert tortoise lives in the hole! This animal lives in a desert. It digs a burrow to get away from the heat. It spends most of its life in the burrow.

Keeping Eggs Safe

A huge spider lives in the hole! It lives in a deep burrow. A female lays about fifty eggs in a little bag. She takes the bag with her if she leaves to hunt.

Living in the Dark

Naked mole rats live in the hole! They spend their whole lives in the dark. They work together to dig tunnels in order to find roots to eat. One animal digs through soil at the front. Several others sweep dirt toward the back. An animal at the back kicks the dirt out of the tunnel.



1. desert tortoise 沙漠龜
2. digs a burrow 挖地洞

3. A huge spider巨大的蜘蛛

4. Naked mole rats裸鼴鼠

5. in the dark黑暗中

6. dig tunnels挖地道
7. sweep dirt toward the back把泥土掃向後面