Reading Aloud 11

I’m a woman who likes a bargain, so I ordered some extremely cheap clothing items from buyhk.com. But when the parcel arrived, I thought they sent me the wrong one.

I ordered a pink long-sleeved silk blouse, but the one that I received was grey, sleeveless and cotton. It even had the word ‘silk’ printed on it! It was so small that I couldn’t button it up! Then I took out the spaghetti top. There was a hole in it and the straps were only six inches long!

It was upsetting, but I had an idea. I tried the blouse on my dog Brownie and it fitted like a glove. She wagged her tail happily. Next, I sewed up the hole on the spaghetti top and told my four-year-old niece that I had a dress for her. She was very excited.



1. likes a bargain優惠
2. extremely cheap clothing items衣物

3. a pink long-sleeved silk blouse襯衫

4. grey, sleeveless and cotton灰色、無袖和棉質的

5. couldn’t button it up扣鈕

6. spaghetti top吊帶背心

7. It was upsetting令人不高興
8. it fitted like a glove手套
9. She wagged her tail搖擺

10. four-year-old niece四歲的侄女