Reading Aloud 12


Take a look in your closet or clothes drawer. Do you see a pair of jeans? You probably do. Jeans are so common. You may wonder who invented them and how the fashion took off.


Jeans were invented by a German man named Levi Strauss. He went to the U.S. in 1847 and followed the Gold Rush to San Francisco. The miners in California had a problem with their pants. When they found gold or ore, they carried it in their pockets. But the metal was heavy, and the pockets ripped. In 1873, Levi became partners with a tailor named Jacob Davis. Jacob and Levi made tough denim pants.

Movie stars wore jeans in their films. Teenagers everywhere loved them. Eventually, jeans were so common that everyone wore them. You can even find pictures of the president wearing jeans.



1. closet or clothes drawer衣櫃或裝衣服的抽屜
2. a pair of jeans一條牛仔褲

3. how the fashion took off潮流怎樣開始

4. San Francisco三藩市

5. miners in California加州的礦工

6. their pants褲子

7. made tough denim pants造了堅韌的牛仔褲
8. teenagers青少年

9. the president總統