Reading Aloud 14


Dogs are smart, and they learn fast. Their natural senses of hearing, sight, and smell help them understand problems quickly. Some special dogs are trained to do work that helps people.

A guide dog is trained to help a person who can’t see. It lives with the person, and helps him or her get to places safely.

A person can get lost in the woods. Or someone can be trapped in a building that falls down. A search dog finds the person and tells the rescue team.

Hunting dogs are good at finding wild game birds for a hunter. They point to a bird’s hiding place or make it fly so the hunter sees it.

Special dogs are trained to sniff for drugs. Drug dogs sniff in airports. They sniff packages in the post office. They know all the hiding places to check.


Dogs do work that helps people. They can help a doctor or a farmer. A dog can also be a babysitter, or a TV star or pull a sled in the snow. A dog’s best job is to be a friend!



1. Dogs are smart狗很聰明

2. natural senses自然感官

3. A guide dog導盲犬

4. get to places safely 安全到達各處

5. trapped in a building困在大廈

6. the rescue team搜救隊

7. wild game birds野外狩獵的鳥

8. a bird’s hiding place鳥兒的藏身地

9. to sniff for drugs嗅出毒品

10. a babysitter保姆

11. pull a sled拉雪橇