Reading Aloud 15


From 7 March to 21 March, Fairyland Research Group interviewed 400 people about their Internet use.

Internet use over time

According to the survey, people in Fairyland spent 5.5 hours daily surfing the Internet on average this year. We found out that there has been an increase in the number of hours people spend on the Internet over the years.

How people use the Internet

We asked the interviewees to state the number of social media accounts they have. Half of them replied that they have three or four social media accounts, while almost half of them own at least one or two accounts.


Our survey shows that people tend to spend more time on the Internet than before. The popularity of social media may be responsible for the rise in the Internet use.



1. their Internet use網絡使用
2. surfing the Internet上網

3. the number of hours時數

4. We asked the interviewees…受訪者

5. social media accounts社交媒體戶口

6. responsible for導致