Reading Aloud 16

Some of you may have a bossy big brother. Others may have a sweet little sister. What if you have a brother or sister who is the exact same age as you? What if the two of you look identical? This can happen when your brother or sister is your twin.

Twins grow in their mother’s body at the same time. Twins can be two brothers or two sisters. They can also be a brother and a sister. One twin is born first. That twin is slightly older than the other.

Twins can look very similar or very different from each other. Some twins look so similar that they can play tricks on others. They can switch places with each other. No one can tell them apart

Some twins may share some characteristics. They can share the same number of characteristics as any brothers or sisters. Twins also bond with each other even after they are born. They are often comforted when they are near each other



1. a bossy big brother愛指揮人的哥哥

2. a sweet little sister 可愛的妹妹

3. look identical 看上去一模一樣

4. twin 雙胞胎

5. born first 先出生

6. look very similar or very different 看上去很相似或很不相似

7. play tricks on others作弄他人

8. switch places with互換位置

9. bond with each other與對方關係密切