Reading Aloud 3

I meet many families with communication problems. With new technology, families are facing a new problem. People pay attention to their mobile phones instead of the people around them. They send messages, play games and visit social networking sites on their phones.

Two months ago, an 11-year-old boy came to me for advice. Charles felt upset because during family dinners and outings, his parents were glued to their phones. One day during dinner, while his parents were using their phones, he was getting very annoyed. Then he started to shout at them.

Therefore, I advised their family to have phone-free evenings. Every day at 6 p.m., they had to shut off their phones and chat. After a week, they stopped fighting and started laughing and joking instead.



1. communication problems溝通
2. new technology科技

3. people around them周圍的人

4. social networking sites社交網站

5. felt upset不開心

6. glued to their phones黏著

7. phone-free evenings無電話的

8. started laughing and joking 歡笑和說笑