Reading Aloud 4

Being Bilingual

What language do you speak? Do you speak one language or more than one? People who speak two languages are bilingual.

French and English

Andre lives in Quebec, Canada. He speaks two languages. He speaks French and English. His teachers use French and English in many classes, such as reading and social studies.

Spanish and English

Manuel lives in New York. He is Hispanic, and he speaks two languages. He speaks Spanish and English. His grandparents moved to New York City from Spain. His grandfather taught him to sing Spanish songs and play the guitar.


We speak two languages. We are bilingual! Are you bilingual? Being bilingual makes you close to two worlds.



1. speak two languages說兩種語言

2.bilingual 能說兩種語言的人

3. French and English 法語和英語

4. social studies社會研究

5. Hispanic西班牙裔人

6. Spanish西班牙語


8. play guitar彈結他

9. close to two worlds接近兩個世界