Reading Aloud 6

Let me introduce myself. I am Planet Earth. I am the luckiest planet in our solar system. I can support life!

I have four oceans and seven huge pieces of land called continents. On land, I have lakes and rivers filled with fresh water that plants and animals need. I spin like a top so that all living things have day and night. People call this rotation.

My fat belly gets the most direct sunlight, so it is hottest along my belt. This area is called the equator. My North and South Poles get the least direct sunlight. The sun’s rays are weaker here than at my equator. These areas are my coldest.

To all my creatures, I make you a promise. I will rotate every 24 hours to give you daytime and nighttime. I will continue to tilt to give you seasons. I will travel around the sun once each year.



1. Planet Earth地球
2. solar system太陽系

3. four oceans and seven continents四大洋和七大洲

4. fresh water淡水

5. I spin like a top.我像陀螺一樣旋轉。

6. rotation自轉

7. fat belly肚子

8. the equator赤道
9. North and South Poles北和南極

10. sun’s rays太陽光

11. To all my creatures, I make you a promise.生物……我向你承諾。