Reading Aloud 7

Day 1 The Peak If you take the Peak Tram up the steep hill, you’ll see amazing views of Hong Kong. You can walk to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus from MTR Central Station.

Day 2 Ngong Ping 360 This attraction includes a cable car ride. The cable car carries you and travels 5.7 kilometres from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping. You can take a bus or the MTR to get to Tung Chung.

Day 3 Hong Kong Wetland Park You can get to the Hong Kong Wetland Park by Light Rail. You can watch for special birds there.

Day 4 Real-life room escape Finally, visit a real-life escape room in Causeway Bay! You must find clues to get out of the room! Take the MTR to get there.



1. The Peak山頂

2. amazing views迷人的

3. Ngong Ping 360昂坪360

4. a cable car ride纜車

5. Tung Chung東涌

6. Hong Kong Wetland Park香港濕地公園

7. find clues找線索