Reading Aloud 8

A Famous Bell Big Ben is a huge bell at the top of a tall clock tower in London, England. The bell is as heavy as two elephants. Big Ben, the tower, and the clock are all important. They are part of Westminster Palace, which is home to Parliament. People all over the world have heard of Big Ben.

An Amazing Clock Big Ben’s clock tells the right time. People take good care of it. It takes a long time to clean the clock faces. People clean them every five years with soap and water. With its four faces, Big Ben is the biggest chiming clock in the world.

Every New Year’s Eve, there is a huge fireworks show when Big Ben finishes chiming at midnight. Many people come from all over the United Kingdom to see the show. Big Ben always looks amazing on that night.



1. Big Ben大笨鐘

2. clock tower鐘樓

3. Westminster Palace 西敏宮

4. Parliament 國會

5. tell the right time報正確的時間

6. clock faces鐘面

7. soap and water肥皂和水

8. the biggest chiming clock最大的報時鐘

9. a huge fireworks show大型煙花表演