Reading Aloud 9

I・m a tiger, the biggest and heaviest cat. It・s important for me to live in a large habitat. Miles and miles across the plains I go Searching for wild pigs, deer and buffalo.

It・s good that you like to watch me run And marvel at my magnificent stripy fur in the sun! But the real reason I wrote this song Is to warn you I might not be around for long.

Years ago, my mum asked me to be careful. I tried, but I・m getting more and more fearful. The hunters want to kill me for my skin Or because they want my body parts for medicine.

On a bad day, I wonder if tigers can survive Or whether in a hundred years any of us will be alive. But with your help maybe we can stop this trend And man can become a tiger・s friend.



1. a large habitatsj佐弄Еa

2. pigs, deer and buffalo殉B垣M瑤

3. magnificent stripy furgH艮哨屬

4. not be around for longぃ|゛椶[

5. getting more and more fearfulU啖UD

6. body parts for medicine┃悼魁讎唹誼暢

7. wonder if tigers can survives該ρ蟄爭_ネs

8. stop this trend葦ゎo啻誘