F. 3

Reading Aloud 10


English playwright and poet William Shakespeare lived from 1564 until 1616. Four hundred years after his death, his words remain very much alive. Shakespeare is a popular writer for many reasons. People admire his plays because they・re exciting stories that touch people・s feelings. Shakespeare is able to make people feel happy, sad, shocked or scared along with his characters. His stories also include morals that make people think about big ideas such as good and evil. His beautiful writing is still thought of as the benchmark for writers who want to tell good stories.

Shakespeare・s Plays

Shakespeare wrote three main types of plays: tragedies, histories and comedies. Tragedies are plays in which the hero makes mistakes that lead to disaster. Macbeth is the terrible story of one family・s desire for power. Shakespeare・s comedies were often funny love stories with happy endings. In A Midsummer Night・s Dream, a magic potion makes characters fall in love with the wrong people, with funny results.


William Shakespeare・s plays are exciting and fun, and they also touch people・s feelings. His characters show how difficult{and how beautiful{life can be and what it means to be human.


1. English playwright and poet^郁生@aM@a
2. William Shakespeare揃GD駕hゑ

3. his words remain very much aliveL困絋rごMvT`桟

4. admire his playsY準L婚@~

5. touch people・s feelings腸以Hみ

6. feel happy, sad, shocked or scaredP貪絣Y流`

7. include morals]ADw

8. benchmark for writers@a詐撚澀綵d

9. tragedies, histories and comediesd@B醸v@M樫@

10. lead to disaster症Pa著

11. MacbethKKA Midsummer Night・s Dreamm姶JフnKKmヲL]ぇ酵n

12. a magic potion makes characters...]k団凜O┐皚漫KK