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Reading Aloud 11

Every magazine page or channel on TV Showed attractive faces smiling at me. They seemed to say, ‘I’m better than you!’ I wanted to look like them. I wanted to look beautiful too.

I wish I had been born with a fair complexion, But all I saw in mirrors was imperfection. My face was round and plump. My stomach was a great big lump.

I enjoyed sitting on the sofa. I enjoyed eating crisps and drinking soda. If I had exercised every day, I would not have looked that way.

But then I found a photo editing app. It turned me into Prince Charming with a simple tap. I had never taken such great photos in my life. Soon I’ll have no problem finding a wife!


1. Beautify me 美化自己
2. I wish I had been born with a fair complexion…我天生有白皙的膚色……

3. imperfection 缺憾

4. round and plump圓潤和豐滿的

5. great big lump很大的腫塊

6. eating crisps吃薯片

7. photo editing app編輯圖片的應用程式

8. Prince Charming白馬王子