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Reading Aloud 12

Jelly Bodies

You are a jellyfish. You have no brain, heart, blood or bones. Your body is made of water, muscles and nerves. You use your eyespots and nerve network to sense up and down, light and dark, and the world around you. The main part of your body is your bell. Tentacles hang from around your edges like fringe. A mouth and digestive sac hang in the center.

Getting Around

As a jellyfish, you spend most of your time drifting on ocean currents. You can also move when you want to. First you let your bell fill with water. Then you squeeze the muscles in your bell the way a person blows a bubble with bubble gum. As you force water out of your bell, you shoot forward.

A Hunter

Like other jellyfishes, you like to eat fishes, crabs, shrimps and tiny marine animals. The key to successful hunting is the stinging cells in your tentacles. You catch prey as it floats through the water.


People enjoy looking at jellyfish at zoos or aquariums. Watching you gently float through water is fun and relaxing.



1. jellyfish水母
2. no brain, heart, blood or bones沒有大腦、心臟、血液或骨骼

3. muscles and nerves 肌肉和神經

4. to sense……the world around you 感應……身邊的世界

5. digestive sac 消化腔

6. drifting on ocean currents在水流中漂浮

7. fill with water充滿水

8. squeeze the muscles收縮肌肉

9. bubble gum香口膠

10. you shoot forward向前彈

11. crabs, shrimps and tiny marine animals蟹、蝦和微細海洋生物

12. the stinging cells刺絲胞

13. zoos or aquariums動物園或水族館