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Reading Aloud 13

The brownie mystery Mandy, Jenny, Wendy and Penny are sisters. Wendy and Penny are in the kitchen. The other two are watching a film.

.Let・s make cupcakes!・ says Penny. .Although cupcakes sound tasty, I prefer to make brownies,・ Wendy replies.

They put the brownies in the oven, then watch the film with Mandy and Jenny. During the film, Mandy and Jenny each get up once to go to the bathroom. When Penny goes to check on the brownies, they・re gone! Penny yells, and the others run in.

.Did something happen to the brownies?・ Jenny asks the most quickly. Penny says, .They were stolen, but I already know who did it.・ Who was it?


1. Crime riddleデo措y
2. mystery措肯

3. make cupcakes 圧畑MJ|

4. in the ovenKl

5. Penny yellsjs