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Reading Aloud 14


Thousands of years ago, a group of people lived in the African country of Egypt. They lived on the banks of the Nile River. They were farmers and hunters. They used the river for boat travel. They were ruled by a king called a pharaoh.


The ancient Egyptians believed that after someone died, he or she went to live in another world. They believed that a person’s next life would be like their present life. After a king died, his body was preserved so that it would not rot. The preserved body was called a mummy.


The king was buried inside a huge stone structure called a pyramid. The pyramid was shaped to look like the Sun’s rays shining on Earth. People believed that the king would go to heaven on the rays of the Sun. Inside the pyramid was a tomb. This was a special room where the king’s body was placed.


Studying the ancient Egyptians teaches us a lot about life long ago. We can learn about the tools these people used and clothes they wore. We can learn about the food they ate and the gods they worshipped. By studying ancient Egyptians, we know that they had a great culture.


1. the African country of Egypt非洲國家埃及
2. the Nile River尼羅河

3. a pharaoh法老王

4. to live in another world在另一個世界生活

5. next life下世

6. his body was preserved so that it would not rot 他的身體被保存下來,使它不會腐化

7. was buried埋葬

8. a huge stone structure巨大的石造建築物

9. go to heaven on the rays of the Sun藉著太陽的光線去天堂

10. a tomb墳墓

11. the gods they worshipped他們崇拜的神