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What is happiness? Happiness can mean many different things to different people. The people of Bhutan think of happiness as being content.

The government of Bhutan wants its citizens to be happy. It thinks happiness is more important than money. That is why the government of Bhutan asks people questions every few years to see how happy they are. This information is used to improve life for everyone in “The Kingdom of Happiness.”

In 1972, a new king was crowned in Bhutan. King Wangchuck was just sixteen years old. The young king loved his country. He wanted it to grow and be successful. He wanted his country to be a happy place.

Later, King Wangchuck came up with a plan for Bhutan called Gross National Happiness (GNH). It had four key ideas about happiness that would help Bhutan’s growth. They are government rule, social and work matters, culture and traditions, and nature and the environment. The king and his government considered all four pillars when creating new laws.

In 2012, the United Nations named March 20 the International Day of Happiness. Why March 20? On that day, day and night are equally long. This day stands for the Bhutanese king’s belief that balance is the key to national happiness.


1. being content知足常樂
2. The government of Bhutan不丹政府

3. to improve life 改善生活

4. a new king was crowned 新國王加冕

5. to grow and be successful成長和成功

6. Gross National Happiness國民幸福指數

7. four key ideas四大重點

8. government rule, social and work matters政府管治、社會和工作事務

9. culture and traditions文化和傳統

10. nature and the environment大自然和環境

11. four pillars四大支柱

12. the International Day of Happiness國際快樂日