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Reading Aloud 2

Where is it?

Japan is made up of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is just off the east coast of Asia. Japan has four main islands and thousands of smaller islands. Its capital city is Tokyo.


Most of Japan is covered with mountains. The country has more than seventy volcanoes. The most famous one is Mount Fuji.


Ancient Japanese and Chinese people traded things and ideas. Some experts think that Japan learned to grow rice from China. Japanese writing even borrows from Chinese writing. In the past, Japan was an empire which was ruled by emperors. Later, powerful military leaders called shoguns took control away from the emperors.


Japan is a small island country, yet it has many people. It has tall mountains and volcanoes. It also has crowded cities with skyscrapers. Japan is a mix of many things-old and new, large and small.


1. the Pacific Ocean太平洋
2. thousands of smaller islands數千個小島

3. Its capital city is Tokyo.日本的首都位於東京。

4. seventy volcanoes七十個火山

5. Mount Fuji富士山

6. Ancient Japanese古代的日本人

7. an empire which was ruled by emperors由皇帝統治的帝國

8. powerful military leaders called shotguns強大的軍事領袖叫大將軍

9. mountains and volcanoes山和火山

10. crowded cities with skyscrapers環境擠迫、高樓大廈林立的城市

11. a mix of many things很多東西糅合在一起