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What is a Jack-o・-Lantern?

Carved pumpkins are called jack-o・-lanterns. Jack-o・-lanterns are popular decorations around Halloween. Simple jack-o・-lanterns are carved with spooky faces or a toothy grin.

How did the jack-o・-lantern tradition begin?

There is a fable that tells the story of a man named Stingy Jack in Ireland. He liked to play tricks on everyone. When he died, he was cursed to walk in darkness forever. He carved a turnip and put a light inside to show him the way. People in Ireland called his ghost :Jack of the Lantern,; and then :Jack-o・-lantern.;

The Stingy Jack tradition later became part of a night called All Hallow・s Eve which later became known as Halloween. All over Europe, people lit huge fires and wore costumes to keep away from ghosts. In Ireland, people carved scary faces on turnips and potatoes.

Soon, others started to follow this tradition in Scotland and England. People from these countries brought the jack-o・-lanterns tradition to the United States. They soon found that pumpkins worked well as jack-o・-lanterns. By the 1920s, pumpkin carving became popular across America.


1. Carved pumpkinsJ茲F昆nナ
2. popular decorations around HalloweenUt`膝w鍼左帽

3. spooky faces or a toothy grin 五翁瑳砲l療S商痕混e

4. fable J┘G

5. he was cursedL豢AG

6. carved a turnipJ茲jY究

7. lit huge firesIUj

8. keep away from ghosts桟託悪試

9. follow this tradition錐`貨U