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Reading Aloud 5

An interview with prop maker Timothy Leung

R=Reporter; L=Timothy Leung

R: How did you get into prop making?

L: I was doing a Classical Art degree at university. One day, I realized that I’d rather make models than paint and draw. Luckily, the university let me stop that programme and transfer to a model-making degree instead.

R: You started your career making weapons for a fantasy film, didn’t you?

L: Yes. One day, I heard my colleague talking to a film director friend who needed some weapon props for a new fantasy film, so I offered to make some swords and guns for him. After that, I never looked back!

R: Can you tell me more about your work?

L: Sure. First, I get instructions from the art director. Then, he or she tells me how much money I can use and when something is needed, i.e. the deadline. Before I design a mould, I do a lot of research so that my props look realistic.



1. prop making 道具製作
2. make models 造模型

3. a fantasy film 科幻片

4. my colleague我的同事

5. a film director friend做電影導演的朋友

6. never looked back沒有回頭看

7. the deadline限期

8. do a lot of research做很多研究

9. look realistic看上去很逼真