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Reading Aloud 6


Animals use senses to find food and stay out of danger. Our senses tell us what is happening with our bodies and in the world around us. You probably know about the five basic senses: hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. But did you know that animals can also have many other senses?

Temperature Sense

Sensing hot and cold is important for many animals. Some bats and snakes have special heat sensors that can help them find prey. A rattlesnake can “feel” the heat of a mouse’s body from over a foot away.

Time Sense

Scientists think humans have the best sense of time, but there’s a chance that other animals sense it, too. For example, dogs and cats sometimes seem to sense when it’s time for their owners to come home.

Using Sounds to “See”

Some animals use sounds to “see” the things around them, even deep underwater or in the dark. By making sounds and listening to echoes, these animals can tell where things are. Some bats, dolphins, whales and birds have this special sense.


There are many senses beyond hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. As you explore the world, think about the extra senses that animals, including you, use every day.


1. Animals use senses利用五感
2. stay out of danger遠離危險

3. the five basic senses五個基本感官

4. hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste聽覺、視覺、嗅覺、觸覺和味覺

5. Temperature sense溫度感官

6. special heat sensors 特別的熱力感應系統

7. find prey尋找獵物

8. a rattlesnake響尾蛇

9. Time sense時間感官

10. listening to echoes聆聽回聲

11. bats, dolphins, whales and birds蝙蝠、海豚、鯨魚和鳥

12. explore the world探索世界