F. 3

Reading Aloud 7

Mandy and Peter are standing in front of Two International Finance Centre. An unknown virus has shut down all computers in the city. Around them are some damaged cars and buses. No one else is around.

Mandy: (shaking a handheld radio) Well, that’s it. My batteries are dead. We don’t have a way to contact the others any more.

Peter: (desperate) No electricity, no mobiles, and now no walkie- talkie! How are we going to find Carrie?

Mandy: Don’t worry. Carrie said that if she couldn’t contact us with the walkie-talkie, she would light a fire so that we could find her.

Peter: In that case, we should get to a high place-the top of the building!

Mandy: Wait! It’s risky to go into the building. I heard that a lot of dangerous people are inside......


1. International Finance Centre國際金融中心
2. An unknown virus不明來歷的病毒

3. shut down all computers令所有電腦不能運作

4. My batteries are dead.我的電池沒電了。

5. No electricity沒有電力

6. no mobiles沒有手提電話

7. no walkie-talkie沒有對講機

8. light a fire點火

9. It’s risky冒險的