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We use energy for many things we do every day. Energy lights, heats and cools our homes and schools. It comes from many kinds of important natural resources. Sunlight is our most important natural resource. Coal, natural gas and oil are natural resources, too. So are things like plants, wind and water.

Energy from Coal

About half the energy used to run generators comes from burning coal. Coal is a natural rock resource that is usually mined under the ground. Power plants can burn coal to make energy to heat water.

Energy from Wind

Wind can be used to make electricity. Blowing wind turns the large blades of a wind generator. The generator uses energy from the spinning blades to make electricity.

Energy from Water

Moving water can be used to make electricity. People build dams to block rivers. Water from a river moves through large pipes and the moving water spins the blades of the dam’s generators.

Saving Energy

People use more energy each year. We use lots of coal, oil and natural gas to run our cars, homes and businesses. Our natural resources are limited. They can’t last forever. When they are gone, they can’t be replaced. Sun and wind are good energy resources to use instead. Sun and wind cannot be used up.


1. lights, heats and cools our homes and schools 為我們的家和學校帶來光、溫暖和涼意
2. natural resources天然資源

3. to run generators 驅動發電機

4. burning coal 燃燒煤

5. mined under the ground在地下開採

6. Power plants發電廠

7. the spinning blades旋轉的葉片

8. build dams to block rivers建造水壩來阻隔河流

9. large pipes大水管

10. Saving Energy

11. can’t last forever不可以永存的