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Reading Aloud 9

Many people think being famous is the best thing on earth. Well-known pop stars easily earn millions just by holding a few concerts. But is it really so easy and satisfying?

Famous people seem to live like kings and queens. They own expensive homes and cars, and wear expensive designer clothes. Some even buy entire islands. According to Forbes magazine, singer Katy Perry and charming boy band One Direction each make over HK$800 million a year.

Famous people are greatly loved by their fans. However, this is not always a good thing. Some fans break into their idols’ homes, steal information from their mobile phones and make them fear for their safety.

There is always a price to pay for being famous.


1. Well-known pop stars著名的明星
2. live like kings and queens活得像國王和皇后

3. designer clothes名牌服飾

4. Forbes magazine《福布斯》雜誌

5. make them fear for their safety為他們的安全感到憂慮

6. a price to pay付上代價