Reading Aloud 1

Why and what we should study

When I was young my parents told me the more I studied the brighter my future will be.

However, as I grew older, I began to think about my own interests and goals.

I wondered if I should study the subjects that interested me most or those that were the most popular with my classmates.

I have now decided it is best to focus on the subjects that interest me and make the best use of my potential.

We should all think carefully about our choices, as employers prefer to hire people who not only have talent but also the right qualifications.

Leung Yee Man (5E)
South China Morning Post (October 27, 2008)


1. goals (n) 目標
2. wondered (v) 想要知道

3. focus (v) 集中

4. potential (n) 潛能

5. choices (n) 選擇

6. employers (n) 僱主

7. prefer (v) 寧願選擇

8. hire (n) 雇用

9. talent (n) 天賦

10. qualifications (n) 資歷


Useful Sentences

1. the more …the more/the less 越…越
  The more preparation you do now, the less nervous you’ll be before the exam.

2. think about 思考
  They clearly haven't thought very deeply about the possible consequences.

3. popular with 受歡迎
  These policies are unlikely to prove popular with middle-class voters.

4. focus on集中
  The visit helped to focus world attention on the plight of the refugees.

5. fulfil/realize your potential 發揮你潛力
  All students should be encouraged to realize their full potential.

6. not only … but also 不僅…而且
  There are problems not only with the students, but also with the teachers themselves.