Reading Aloud 10

Act now on climate

I believe reducing greenhouse gas emissions should start with changes in our lifestyle. Apart from the regulations imposed by the government to counter climate change, all of us have a responsibility to play our part.

Many individuals around the world are campaigning for environmental protection. Hong Kong is lagging far behind in this respect.

I think the younger generation should take the initiative to tackle global warming without solely relying on officials who meet in conference rooms to submit eco-friendly proposals.

We will be the real victims of climate change over the next few decades.

Gladys Wong Yee Ting (6A)
South China Morning Post (March 7, 2008)


1. gas emissions (n) 氣體散發
2. regulations (n) 規則

3. responsibility (n) 責任

4. individuals (n) 個人

5. are campaigning (v) 發起運動

6. environmental protection (n)環境保護

is lagging behind (phr) 落後
8. generation (n) 一代人

9. take the initiative (phr) 主動

10. victims (n) 受害者

Useful Sentences

1 start with 起始(於)
Environmental protection starts with schools.

2. apart from 除...之外
Apart from being too large, it just doesn't suit me.

3. counter with sth 反對,反駁
He countered my plan with one of his own.

4. play a role/part in sth 發揮作用
The media played an important part in the last election.

5. campaign for 從事運動
The union leaders are campaigning for better working conditions.

6. lag behind 落後於
  We still lag far behind many of our competitors in using modern technology.