Reading Aloud 11

Meaningful activity

Did you take part in any voluntary activity during the summer holiday?

For example, did you visit a home for the elderly or an orphanage and talk to the children? Those people lead miserable lives because they don’t have any relatives to take care of them.

It is absurd that so many people are unhappy in an affluent city like Hong Kong.

In my opinion, doing voluntary work is meaningful because it can help the underprivileged as well as boost our communication skills.

For many people, charity is only about giving money. But, if you volunteer your services, you will learn a great deal more while helping others.

Chu Po Shan (7B)
South China Morning Post (September 28, 2007)


1. voluntary activity (n) 義務活動
2. orphanage (n) 孤兒院

3. for example 舉例

4. miserable (adj) 悽慘的

5. relatives (n) 親屬

6. absurd (adj) 不合理的

7. affluent (adj) 富裕的

8. the underprivileged (n) 貧困者

9. communication skills (n) 溝通技巧

10. charity (n) 慈善

Useful Sentences

1 take part in 參加
About 500 students took part in the protest.

2.  lead a miserable life 過悲慘的生活
After her parents’ death, she led a miserable life.

3. take care of 照料,注意
Her secretary always takes care of the details.

4. It is absurd to do sth 荒膠
It’s completely absurd to suggest that we shouldn’t test students.

5. in a meaningful way 嚴肅的方式
The information needs to be presented in a meaningful way.

6. communication skills 交際能力
  What makes her popular is her good communication skills.