Reading Aloud 12

Inadequate care for children

Nowadays both parents work in most Hong Kong families. Parents work from day till night to maintain the family. They do not have time to care about their children. They do not spend enough time with their children who often feel neglected. It is no wonder that juvenile delinquency is on the rise.

To solve this problem, parents should play a crucial role in their children’s lives. They should spend more time with their children and find out about their needs. Communication is the key to family harmony.

If parents do not play their role in bringing up their children, youngsters will be misled by bad friends and will go astray.

Lam Pui Man (7B)
South China Morning Post (January 20, 2005)


1. inadequate (adj) 不充分的
2. maintain (n) 維持

3. feel neglected 感覺被忽視

4. juvenile delinquency (n) 青少年犯罪

5. crucial (adj) 重要的

6. communication (n) 溝通

7. harmony (n) 和睦

8. youngsters (n) 年輕人

9. misled (v) 誤導

10. go astray 迷途

Useful Sentences

1 care about 關注,擔憂
 She cares deeply about environmental issues.

2. on the rise 增加
Serious crime is once again on the rise.

3.  It is no/little wonder that 並不奇怪
 It’s little wonder the children are bored.

4.crucial to 關鍵性的
Winning this contract is crucial to the success of the company.

5. key to 關鍵
Working well as a team is the key to success.

6. lead sb astray 引入歧途
  Jack’s parents thought the other boys might lead him astray.