Reading Aloud 14

Pollution takes shine off city

Pollution is ruining Hong Kong’s reputation as the City of Lights. Sometimes, the smog is so thick that you cannot see anything across the harbour.

I talked to several foreigners who complained about Hong Kong’s pollution problem.

Nowadays people don’t pay enough attention to the environment. Vehicle exhaust fumes and smoke from factories across the border are the main causes of air pollution in Hong Kong.

The community should work together with the government to make Hong Kong a better place to live in. This will also attract more tourists and boost the economy.

Louise Cheng Pit Kwan (6A)
South China Morning Post (June 10, 2005)


1. pollution (n)污染
2. is ruining (v) 毀壞

3. reputation (n) 名聲

4. smog (n) 煙霧

5. harbour (n) 海港

6. foreigners (n) 外國人

7. environment (n) 環境

8. vehicle (n) 車輛

9. community (n) 公眾

10. economy (n) 經濟

Useful Sentences

1  damage/ruin sb’s reputation 有損/破壞某人的名聲
 His reputation has been seriously damaged by the scandal.

2. so … that 如此…以至
Everything’s changed so much that Jane can scarcely recognize the place.

3.  complain about 投訢,抱怨
 Employees complained bitterly about working conditions.

4. pay attention 注意,留心
Don’t pay any attention to what they say.

5. cause of 原因
Drinking and driving is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents.

6. attract attention / interest引起關注
  The story has attracted a lot of interest from the media.