Reading Aloud 15

Beauty is not just about appearance

I am writing in response to the article “Body beautiful” (Young Post, March 10). Beauty is not just about appearance.

If you are kind and nice, many people will be willing to be friends with you. Health is the most important thing in our lives. Without good health, we won’t be able to do a lot of things.

Many girls try to compete with their peers and go on a diet, hoping that a super-slim body will make them more beautiful. This is the wrong approach because everyone is unique.

We should have more confidence and tackle all tasks with a positive attitude. I hope you will follow my advice and lead a happy and healthy life.

Miyuki Mak (6B)
South China Morning Post (May 2, 2006)


1. in response to (phr) 回應
2. appearance (n) 外貌

3. compete (v) 競爭

4. peers (n) 同輩

5. go on a diet (phr) 節食

6. approach (n) 方法

7. unique (adj) 獨特的

8. confidence (n) 信心

9. tackle (v) 處理

10. a positive attitude (n) 積極態度

Useful Sentences

1  in response to 回應
 In response to complaints, the company reviewed its safety procedures.

2. willing to do sth 願意
They are willing to give her the chance she needs.

3. compete with / against 競爭,對抗
 They found themselves competing with foreign companies for a share of the market.

4. go on a diet 節食
She decided to go on a diet before her holiday.

5. adopt / take an approach 採用方法
He decided to adopt a different approach and teach the Bible through story-telling.

6. unique to sb/sth 特有的
  This problem is not unique to our students.