Reading Aloud 16

Money cannot buy everything in life

Money is very important in our society. People work very hard to earn money.

If I had $1 million, I would do many things. I would go travelling to broaden my horizons. I would also donate some money to charity because many people live in poverty. And my dream is to build schools on the mainland.

But money is not everything. Although money is important, we can’t buy everything with it. For example, money cannot buy health, happiness, family love and friendship. We can buy medicine to cure our illness, but we can’t buy health.

Our parents love us very much. Money cannot buy this love. Money is not everything.

Chung Chi Ying (6A)
South China Morning Post (April 11, 2005)


1. society (n) 社會
2. earn money (n) 賺錢

3. go travelling (phr) 去旅行

4. broaden my horizons (phr) 擴闊視野

5. donate (v) money (n) 捐錢

6. charity (n) 慈善團體

7. poverty (n) 貧窮

8. health (n) 健康

9. happiness (n) 快樂

10. medicine (n) 藥

Useful Sentences

1  go travelling 旅行
 When I finished college, I went travelling for six months.

2. broaden my horizons 開闊眼界
She wanted to travel to broaden her horizons.

3. live in poverty 生活於貧困中
 Many elderly people live in poverty.

4. donate sth (to sb/sth) 捐贈
Last year Hong Kong donated millions of dollars to charity.

5. fulfil / realize a dream 實現夢想
I fulfilled a childhood dream when I became champion.

6. is everything 是最重要的
  Money isn’t everything.