Reading Aloud 17

Be fair to farmers

Many poor farmers in developing countries are treated unfairly. They sometimes have to sell their products, such as corn, to other countries at a very low price. Some farmers even have to go to other countries to work.

Programmes by Oxfam Hong Kong aim to promote fair trade around the world. They highlight the difficulties farmers face in developing countries because of trade protection measures enforced by developed countries.

Students can even go to the developing countries to help the farmers. These programmes are meaningful. With the support of the World Trade Organisation and Oxfam Hong Kong the farmers can be helped.

Developed countries can provide subsidies for poor farmers during low harvest periods. They can also educate illiterate farmers about farming cash crops to ensure their income remains stable.

Cat Law (7A)
South China Morning Post (August 30, 2005)


1. developing countries (n) 發展中國家
2. products (n) 產品

3. programmes (n) 計劃

4. highlight (v) 強調

5. protection measures (n) 保護措施

6. World Trade Organisation (n) 世界貿易組織

7. subsidies (n) 津貼

8. harvest (n) 收成

9. illiterate (adj) 文盲的

10. stable (adj) 穩定的

Useful Sentences

1 popular with / among 受歡迎的
 The singer is hugely popular with his fans.

2. instead of 而不是
Instead of being annoyed, he seemed quite pleased.

3.edge on/over sb/sth 優勢
Training can give you the edge over your competitors.

4. incentive to do sth 激勵
Many farmers have little incentive to invest in costly conservation measures.

5. eager to do sth 熱切,渴望
He is so eager to learn that he stays late every evening.

6. compete for sth 競爭
 The stores have to compete for customers in the Christmas season.