Reading Aloud 18

Success means more than money

Hong Kong is a commercial centre boasting a knowledge-based economy. To remain competitive, people have to continuously upgrade themselves. They are studying for certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Everyone wants a good career. They study hard and work hard to achieve their goals. They only have eyes for money.

But we should broaden our horizons. Besides a well-paid job, there are many other things that are valuable, such as family and friends.

I would not mind if I couldn’t earn a lot of money; a happy home would give me a great sense of satisfaction. To be successful in life, we should not underestimate or overestimate our abilities.

Kwong Lok Man (6A)
South China Morning Post (April 19, 2005)


1. commercial centre (n) 商業中心
2. knowledge-based (adj) 知識基礎的

3. continuously upgrade (v) 不斷提高

4. certificates (n) 証書

5. diplomas (n) 文憑

6. achieve their goals (phr) 達到目標

7. broaden our horizons (phr) 擴闊視野

8. satisfaction (n) 滿足

9. successful (adj) 成功的

10. underestimate (v) 低估

Useful Sentences

1 boast of/about 跨耀
 The company is inclined to boast of its success.

2.remain competitive 保持競爭力
We need to work harder to remain competitive with other companies.

3.achieve a goal 實現目標
She eventually achieved her goal of becoming a professor.

4.mind doing sth 介意
Did you mind being away from home for so long?

5. a sense of satisfaction 滿足感
I felt a sense of satisfaction at the end of the trip.

6. ability to do sth 能力
 The health centre serves all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.