Reading Aloud 2

Don't bite off more than you can chew

Stress can have a very bad effect on our lives and is one of society's greatest problems.

When people are stressed, they cannot study efficiently, do their jobs well or develop good relationships.

For me, the best way to avoid stress is by setting realistic goals. You are only able to successfully complete a job if you have the necessary skills and ability.

Setting unrealistic goals means taking on "missions impossible". You will be left feeling frustrated and will lose confidence in yourself.

Cherry Wong (7B)
South China Morning Post (January 15, 2009)


1. bite off more than one can chew (phr) 試圖承擔力所不及的事
2. stress (n) 壓力

3. efficiently (adv) 有效地

4. relationships (n) 關係

5. avoid (v) 避開

6. realistic (adj) 現實的

7. ability (n) 能力

8. missions (n) 任務

9. frustrated (adj) 沮喪

10. confidence (n) 信心

Useful Sentences

1. more than多於
  It is her manner I dislike, more than what she actually says.

2. have an effect on/upon影響
This had a great effect upon the future of both mother and son.

3. set a goal 訂目標
  You should set goals for yourself at the beginning of each school year.

4. feel frustrated 感到沮喪
  They felt frustrated at the lack of progress.

5. have confidence 信心
  We have complete confidence in our teachers.

6. it is unrealistic to do sth 不切實際的
  It is unrealistic to expect them to be able to solve the problem immediately.