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Success depends on hard work

Success at school may seem to be a matter of luck. However, there's more than good fortune involved in achieving good results. Some students do better than others, not because they are lucky, but because they make an effort at school.

There's no excuse for those who complain about poor results when they haven't tried hard. They should bear in mind that a few valuable hours spent studying will invariably mean not only better results, but also they will enjoy their leisure time much more.

It's also important that students don’t become discouraged because of disappointing results. A poor grade should motivate a student to work harder and do better the next time.

There's a lot to be learned from failure. Failure of any kind is a valuable lesson that can contribute to ultimate success.

Chu Po Shan (7B)
South China Morning Post (August 24, 2007)


1. success (n) 成功
2. fortune (n) 幸運

3. excuse (n) 藉口

4. complain (v) 投訴

5. invariably (adv) 總是

6. leisure time (n) 閒暇

7. motivate (v) 激發

8. failure (n) 失敗

9. contribute (v) 導致

10. ultimate (adj) 最終的

Useful Sentences

1 depend on / upon 需要,依靠
 Their future depends on how well they do in these exams.

2. a matter of sth 關於…的問題
Planning a project is just a matter of working out the right order.

3. simply because 只因為
Many exam candidates lose marks simply because they do not read the questions properly.

4. excuse for sth 藉口
His excuse for forgetting her birthday was that he had lost his diary.

5. bear in mind 記起
Bear in mind that some children will need help.

6. motivate sb to do sth 動機
 We must motivate students to take charge of their own learning.