Reading Aloud 3

Dealing with depression

Many family tragedies have happened over the past few years. But it is unwise to solve problems with murder-suicides.

There are so many sensible ways of dealing with depression.

Share your sorrows with your friends or a social worker, listen to soft music before sleeping, or take a hot bath. Or you could go on a picnic in the countryside and breathe the fresh air.

Try to keep optimistic and your problems will seem smaller.

Lo Man Hung (7B)
South China Morning Post (August 15, 2005)


1. tragedies (n) 慘事
2. unwise (adj) 不明智的

3. solve problems 解決問題

4. suicides (n) 自殺

5. sensible (adj) 明智的

6. deal with (phr v) 應付

7. depression (n) 意氣消沈

8. sorrows (n) 悲傷

9. breathe (v) 呼吸

10.optimistic (adj) 樂觀的

Useful Sentences

1. it is unwise to do sth 不明智
   It would be unwise to comment on the situation without knowing all the facts.

2. solve a problem 解決問題
   With the help of his friends, he finally solved the problem.

3. deal with 應付,處理
He has learnt to deal properly with all kinds of complicated situations.

4. a sensible way 明智的方法
This seems to be a sensible way of dealing with the problem.

5. joys and sorrows 歡樂和悲傷
  They shared the joys and sorrows of bringing up a family.

6. optimistic about 樂觀的        
   We are optimistic about the future of the company.