Reading Aloud 7

Traditional schools, teachers are best

Nowadays, many people think that online learning has advantages, such as easy access to information and a visual attraction for students, but it cannot replace the traditional learning which students receive from a teacher.

Students can learn more interactively in a traditional secondary school because teachers can teach them face to face and students can discuss problems together.

Students pay more attention in class because they are under pressure from the teacher.

Although online learning is becoming popular, traditional schools and teachers are still necessary since many things can only be taught by a real teacher who is standing in front of the students.

Chan Tung Fa (7B)
South China Morning Post (August 11, 2005)


1. advantages (n) 好處
2. access (n) 取得

3. information (n) 資訊

4. visual attraction 視覺的吸引

5. traditional (adj) 傳統的

6. receive (v) 得到

interactively (adv) 互動地
8. although (conj) 雖然

9. necessary (adj) 需要的

10. real (adj)

Useful Sentences

1. be/work to your advantage 對…有利
  Eventually, the new regulations will work to our advantage.

2. replace sth with sth 以...代替
  It is not a good idea to miss meals and replace them with snacks.

3. easy access to 容易接近
   The house is in a central location with easy access to the shops.

4. the main attraction 最吸引人的地方,最精彩的活動
  The beautiful beaches are the island’s main attraction.

5. face to face 面對面
  This was the first time I’d ever come face to face with poverty.

6. under pressure有壓力的情況下
  With greatly increased workloads, everyone is under pressure now.