Reading Aloud 8

Declining birth rate a worry for HK

Kindergartens and primary schools in Hong Kong are closing down. Secondary schools are likely to follow suit.

The reason for school closures is that a lot of couples are reluctant to have children because of the economic conditions and high unemployment rate in Hong Kong.

Many couples think that they cannot afford to have children because of the high cost involved. The closure of schools will lead to teachers losing their jobs.

I think the government should come up with a policy to encourage families to have more children. The administration should provide subsidies for families with more children.

Chan Chun Kit (6A)
South China Morning Post (July 5, 2005)


1. kindergartens (n) 幼稚園
2. follow suit (phr) 跟著做

3. closures (n) 關閉

4. couples (n) 夫婦

5. reluctant (adj)不願的

6. economic conditions 經濟情況

unemployment rate (n) 失業率
8. policy (n) 政策

9. administration (n) 行政機構

10.subsidies (n)津貼

Useful Sentences

1. worry for/to 令人發愁的事
   Mother's illness was always a great worry to me.

2. follow suit 跟著做
They began to offer takeout food, and other restaurants followed suit.

3. reluctant to do sth不情願的
She was reluctant to discuss the case in any detail.

4. continue to decline 繼續下降
Living standards continue to decline.

5. come up with (針對問題等)想出,提供
came up with a new idea for increasing sales.

6. provide sb with sth  / provide sth for sb 提供
   Somehow she managed to provide her children with food and clothing.