Reading Aloud 9

Battle of the sexes

People have always debated whether girls' ability is inferior to boys'. But I think in this day and age, girls and boys have the same ability.

In fact, women who have too much ability may not be able to find a partner because men feel threatened by them.

Although most women in Hong Kong have a higher level of education than men, it is men who work in the most senior roles in corporations.

I think women should continue trying their best to surpass men. Women must set goals and work hard to achieve them. That way, we will be the next millionaires and not the men.

Wong Ka Man (6B)
South China Morning Post (July 11, 2006)


1. ability (n) 能力
2. inferior (adj) 較差的

3. threatened (adj) 受威脅的

4. education (n) 教育

5. senior (adj) 高級的

6. corporations (n) 公司

surpass (v) 勝過
8. set goals 訂目標

9. achieve (v) 實現

10. millionaires (n) 百萬富翁

Useful Sentences

1. a battle to do sth 鬥爭
Supermarkets are cutting prices in
a desperate battle to win customers.

2. inferior to 低於...的
Modern music is often considered inferior to that of the past.

3. in this day and age 當今,在今天這個時代
You can't have people living in these conditions in this day and age!

4. be threatened with sth 受威脅
Even the local school was threatened with closure.

5. a senior post / position 高級職位
She will take up a senior post in an international firm next month.

6. surpass all expectations 超出預期
The results surpassed all our expectations.