Reading Aloud 1

Look to yourself, not the tutorial

I think the popularity of the tutorial industry is largely because of the Chinese education system, which stresses listening and not asking questions.

It is not uncommon to see long queues outside tutorial centres, especially during exam season. Students rely heavily on tutors and on prepared notes, even if they are paying HK$ 500 a month per subject just to watch videos.

Tutoring is the key to success in many students' minds. I think it is wrong to simply rely on tutorials without also thinking about what we have learned.

We need to reflect on what we learn in class. Relying on tutorials hinders our development.

Lastly, learning is interactive and requires that we have initiative. It is only through searching and summarizing the material that we can be sure to have a thorough understanding.

Cheung Ying Ying (7B)
South China Morning Post ( January 14, 2009 )


1. popularity (n) 流行
2. tutorial (n) 補習中心

3. reflect on (phr) 認真思考

4. hinders (v) 妨礙

5. initiative (n) 主動性

6. summarizing (v) 總結

7. material (n) 材料

8. thorough (adj) 透徹的

Useful Sentences

1. It is not uncommon for sb to do sth 並不不少見
It is not uncommon for students to have bank loans.

2. rely on 依靠,依賴
  These days we rely heavily on computers to organize our work.

3. even if 縱然,即使
  Sam is going to have problems finding a job even if he gets his A levels.

4. key to 關鍵
  Concentration is the key to effective study.

5. have the initiative 積極性,進取心
He did not have the initiative to start his own business.

6. reflect on/upon sth 認真思考
Take some time to reflect on your future plans.