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Small schools don't deserve to be closed

The birthrate in Hong Kong has been falling in recent years. Therefore, the government has been closing schools with low student numbers.

While this may eliminate the cost of running a school with a low number of children, it may not benefit the students.

A school's population does not reflect the quality of teaching. Parents should be able to choose schools regardless of the number of students. Sometimes good schools cannot recruit enough students, but this doesn't mean they should be closed down.

In fact, I believe small schools are better. Teaching is a difficult job, but it is easier with smaller classes. Teachers can give each individual more time.

Closing down schools with small numbers of students is not a solution to the city's education problems. For the sake of teachers, parents and students, I hope the government will rethink its policies.

Leung Yee Man (5E)
South China Morning Post ( October 10, 2008 )


1. eliminate (v) 消除
2. recruit (v) 招收

3. individual (n) 個人

4. policies (n) 政策

Useful Sentences

1. deserve to do sth 應受,該得
  I work hard and I think I deserve to be well paid.

2. eliminate sth/sb 排除,消除
  Credit cards eliminate the need to carry a lot of cash.             

3. regardless of 不管,不理會
  I'll take the job regardless of the pay.

4. solution to / for 解決辦法
There are no simple solutions to the problem of overpopulation.

5. for the sake of 由於,為了
  He moved to the seaside for the sake of his health.

6. rethink a plan / a policy 重新考慮一項計劃/一個策略
  Widespread criticism is forcing the government to rethink its policies.