Reading Aloud 12

Young and positive

Adolescence is the time when we are full of energy and confidence. Young people in general are optimistic and adventurous.

However, there are many teenagers who are unhappy about the way their lives are going. Some cannot handle the pressure of school work, while others have problems at home.

Some students have to cope with family and school problems. Many get fed up with life and become pessimistic. It seems that Hong Kong youngsters are not good at coping with pressure.

How will they face life's challenges when they are adults?

Life is full of anxiety and uncertainty. When there are difficulties, we should not let them get the better of us. We must tackle these challenges with courage. Young people should develop a more positive outlook on life.

Chu Po Shan (7B)
South China Morning Post ( August 28, 2007 )


1. adolescence (n) 青少年時期
2. optimistic (adj) 樂觀的

3. adventurous (adj) 愛冒險的

4. cope with (phr) 對付

5. fed up (phr) 感到厭煩的
6. pessimistic (adj) 悲觀的

7. youngsters (n) 年輕人

8. anxiety (n) 焦慮
9. uncertainty (n) 不確定

10. challenges (n) 挑戰

Useful Sentences

1. in general 大體上
I don't think people in general give much thought to the environment.

2. cope with 對付,處理
He wasn't able to cope with the stresses and strains of the job.

3. face a challenge 面臨挑戰
Destruction of the environment is one of the most serious challenges we face.

4. pessimistic about 悲觀的
They appeared surprisingly pessimistic about their chances of winning.

5. get the better of sb/sth 佔上風
No one can get the better of her in an argument.

6. outlook on 見解,人生觀
They shared the same kind of outlook on life.