Reading Aloud 13

Tragedy shows need for improvement

I was very sad to find out that a hearing-impaired woman committed suicide because of discrimination. She had so much potential and now it's wasted. Her great academic performance and extra-curricular activities earned her the praise of teachers and parents alike.

No one expected this tragedy to happen. In a letter she said she had been stressed since Form One, while admitting that the teasing from her classmates had pushed her to work harder.

We should not discriminate against disabled people. They don't choose to be like that and need our support.

It seems there was not enough communication between the woman and her parents or friends. If they had known of her difficulties earlier, they might have been able to help her. This woman had depression and she tried to seek help.

The government should consider whether the emergency services cover the needs of the disabled.

Dorothy Wu Suet Yee ( 6A )
South China Morning Post ( April 14, 2008 )


1. impaired (adj) 受損的
2. committed suicide (phr) 自殺

3. discrimination (n) 歧視

4. potential (n) 潛能

5. academic (adj) 學術的
6. extra-curricular activities (n) 課外活動

7. tragedy (n) 悲劇性事件

8. communication (n) 思想交流
9. depression (n) 抑鬱

10. emergency (n) 緊急情況 挑戰

Useful Sentences

1. earn praise 羸得讚美
His great effort has earned praise from teachers.

2. expect sb/sth to do sth 預期
I didn't expect him to become a successful writer.

3. admit that 承認
Rachel admits that she had a hard time understanding the assignment.

4. push sb to do sth 鼓勵,敦促
The teachers pushed the students to achieve.

5. discriminate against / in favour of sb 歧視/ 偏袒
We should abandon these practices that discriminate against women and in favour of men.

6. seek help 求助
She managed to calm him down and seek help from a neighbour.