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China food scare

Hong Kong people are worried about contaminated food that comes from the mainland.

It seems that we don't have many options on what we are eating. Food like fish, meat and vegetables can be contaminated and unsuitable for consumption.

Many food products from across the border are tainted with high levels of preservatives, pesticides and heavy metals.

People are frightened when they see food products with the words "made in China ", which they think means "it is poisoned".

It's good news that the mainland government has set up a system to maintain food quality. However, it doesn't mean that the problem is solved as people still don't know if they are eating dangerous food or not.

People's health will be at risk until manufacturers are taught that lives are priceless.

Chu Po Shan (7B)
South China Morning Post ( August 28, 2007 )


1. scare (n) 恐慌
2. contaminated (v) 污染

3. options (n) 選擇

4. consumption (n) 吃

5. tainted (v) 污染
6. preservatives (n) 防腐劑

7. pesticides (n) 殺蟲劑

8. poisoned (v) 污染
9. manufacturers (n) 製造業者

10. priceless (adj) 無價的

Useful Sentences

1. worried about 擔心
Doctors are worried about the possible spread of the disease.

2. It seems that 看來
It seems to me that you don’t have much choice.

3. have no option but to 別無選擇
She had no option but to admit the truth.

4. taint sth with sth 污染,敗壞
The administration was tainted with scandal.

5. be meant to be sth 被普遍認為
This restaurant is meant to be excellent.

6. at risk 有危險
If we go to war, innocent lives will be put at risk.