Reading Aloud 17

Online fun learning

I think that online learning can replace traditional lessons if technical problems can be solved before lessons are launched. There are advantages and disadvantages of learning online.

I agree that online learning may prevent teenagers from having face-to-face interaction with other students and teachers. But, they can have more time one-on-one if they do extra-curricular activities together.

On the other hand, online learning does offer more flexible instruction methods for teachers and reduces the amount of paperwork for both teachers and students.

By studying online, students can access up-to-date learning materials which can enhance their interest, and perhaps most importantly, change their attitude towards studying.

Once students find that learning is interesting, they will work harder. But what about those less fortunate people who cannot afford to study online?

I suggest the government should subsidise or even buy computers for those students. Online learning makes studying more interesting and convenient for everyone.

Mandy Yeung (6B)
South China Morning Post ( June 19, 2006 )


1. technical (adj) 技術性的
2. launched (v) 開始

  extra-curricular activities (n) 課外活動
4. flexible (adj) 靈活的

5. access (v) 使用
6. enhance (v) 提高

7. attitude (n) 態度

8. fortunate (adj) 幸運的
9. subsidise (v) 資助

10. convenient (adj) 方便的

Useful Sentences

1. replace sb/sth (with/by sb/sth) 以...代替
 It is not a good idea to miss meals and replace them with snacks.

2. prevent sb (from) doing sth  阻止
  Nothing would prevent him from speaking out against injustice.

3. can/can’t afford to do sth 能/不能承擔得起
  We can’t afford to ignore this warning.

4. access to 使用權,接觸的機會
  Access to the papers is restricted to senior management.

5. attitude to/towards 態度,看法
  Attitudes towards older people and their role will have to change.

6. convenient to/for  方便的
   Please come whenever it is convenient to you.