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Too much food can kill

Parents love their children. They want them to be happy, so give them what they want. This is often the reason children start bad habits, such as unhealthy eating.

Childhood obesity is on the rise all over the world, including in Hong Kong . Because of the Chinese belief that eating a lot brings good fortune, Hong Kong parents offer lots of food to their children. Hong Kong children always have access to lots of snacks.

Most snacks contain a lot of fat and sugar and no nutrients. As a result, children who eat a lot of snacks could suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

Not only can overeating affect children's outward appearance, it can also affect their confidence because of what they look like.

In my opinion, if parents want their children to be healthy, they should offer them healthy snacks such as vegetables and fruits.

Last but not least, parents should set a good example for their children. This will encourage their children to lead a healthy life.

Kate Lo Wai Man ( 7A )
South China Morning Post ( September 27, 2007 )


1. obesity (n) 肥胖
2. belief (n) 信念

3. fortune (n) 好運

4. nutrients (n) 營養物

5. snacks (n) 小吃
6. diabetes (n) 糖尿病

7. appearance (n) 外貌

8. confidence (n) 信心

Useful Sentences

1. for no apparent reason 不知何故
The man attacked me for no apparent reason.

2. on the rise 增加
Serious crime is once again on the rise.

3. including 包括
You'll need a variety of skills, including leadership and negotiating.

4. as a result 由於結果
As a result of the pilots strike, all flights have had to be cancelled.

5. outward appearance 外貌
Many people judge purely by outward appearances.

6. last but not least 最後但同樣重要的
Last but not least, I'd like to thank all the catering staff.