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Take responsibility for the weather

The cold weather in Hong Kong lasted throughout the Lunar New Year holiday this year. It was the second-longest cold spell in Hong Kong 's history.

People may enjoy the festive atmosphere of such cold weather, but how does the abnormal long lasting cold weather affect our life?

The cold weather led to the financial losses for farmers as crops died and some old and weak people suffered from severe colds and flu.

In such times of trouble, we should reach out to the suffering. We can phone or visit the sick. We should support local farmers even though their produce may not look as appetizing as imported goods.

We should also take action to protect our planet so that such extreme weather conditions are avoided. Use less electricity, recycle anything you can and use environmentally friendly products. We are all responsible for a healthy Earth.

Yeung Wing Yee (6B)
South China Morning Post ( March 12, 2008 )


1. responsibility (n) 責任
2. cold spell (phr) 寒冷期

3. festive atmosphere (phr) 節日的氣氛

4. abnormal (adj) 反常的

5 financial (adj) 財政的
6. severe (adj) 嚴重的

7. produce (n) 產品

8. appetizing (adj) 刺激食慾的

Useful Sentences

1. atmosphere of 氣氛
The children grew up in an atmosphere of violence and insecurity.

2. festive mood 愉快心情
John was obviously in a festive mood.

3. reach out to sb 表示願意提供援助
The church needs to find new ways of reaching out to young people.

4. as … as 像一樣
I's not as hard as I thought.

5. take responsibility for (doing) sth 承擔某事的責任
Would someone take responsibility for bringing the kid home?

6. responsible for 有責任
Even where parents no longer live together, they each continue to be responsible for their children.