Reading Aloud 2

Be careful when choosing a job

Youngsters are eager to find jobs, and some people take advantage of this to deceive them. For example, they may promise a high salary to attract job seekers, only revealing the true nature of the job after the applicants have signed contracts.

If we are cautious, we can avoid falling into job traps. For example, be suspicious of jobs that require no experience or qualifications but offer a good salary. As the saying goes: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Find out about the company and the nature of the job before applying for a position. Do not hesitate to seek advice from family, teachers or career counsellors.

Ho Wing Sze (5E)
South China Morning Post ( November 19, 2008 )


1. youngsters (n) 年輕人
2. deceive (v) 欺騙

3. applicants (n) 申請人

4. contracts (n) 合約

5. cautious (adj) 謹慎的

  suspicious (adj) 懷疑的
7. hesitate (v) 猶豫

8. counsellors (n) 輔導顧問

Useful Sentences

1. eager to do sth 渴望做某事
  He is so eager to learn that he stays late every evening.

2. take advantage of sb/sth 利用…的機會
   Many schools don’t take full advantage of the Internet.

3. avoid doing sth 防止,避免          
   He had to brake hard to avoid hitting the animal.

4. suspicious of 猜疑的
  I'm suspicious of the government's intentions.

5. hesitate to do sth 不願做某事
  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any more information.

6. seek advice 徵求意見
  Tenants involved in a dispute with their landlord should seek legal advice.